Treatment contents

Conditions we handle

Breast cancer-related Upper extremity lymphedema,
Uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer-related lower extremity lymphedema
and Primary lymphedema
*Patients on treatment at our hospital for breast cancer, uterus cancer, ovary cancer, or prostate cancer should consult with your primary doctor. Also, patients on treatment at other hospitals should bring a referral form from your primary doctor as soon as possible as you can.
*Patients who had already completed treatment for cancer can also take the outpatient service in our hospital.

Procedure to treatment

Subjects: patients who have swelling in hands, arms, feet, calves, or thighs after surgery for cancer, patients whose lymph nodes of the axilla or pelvis had been removed at surgery for cancer, patients who have experienced numbness, heaviness, cellulitis (red and feverish arms) in extremities after cancer treatment.

First visit: Confirmation of surgical history, medical history, and present illness, measurement of extremities, examination of edema.

Diagnosis: ICG lymphography, ultrasonography (possible at the outpatient service)
Lymphoscintigraphy, SPECT-CT (an appointment is necessary at a later day)
*Only if you wish, we explain the current condition with test results.

Treatment: (1) complex physiotherapy - compression therapy using dressing or sleeve, lymph drainage, skincare, exercise therapy.
(2) Surgery - according to severity, doctors choose from the following three techniques.
I. Lymphaticovenular anastomosis, LVA (see the below photo)
II. Lymph node transfer, LNT
III. Liposuction, LS