hayashi.jpgDo you have any trouble about edema in hands or arms after surgery for breast cancer, in feet, calves, or thighs after surgery of uterus cancer or ovary cancer?

It is known that many treatments of cancer may cause "lymphedema," edema of the extremities.

Even if lymphedema after surgery of cancer occurs, patients with lymphedema can continue similar daily life with one before surgery by early diagnosis/treatment. Therefore, patients who have edema, numbness, or discomfort of the extremities after cancer treatment should take a routine examination.

Also, patients who have had lymphedema for many years are expected to alleviate symptoms or improve QOL of daily life by combining typical treatment with surgical treatment.

In our center, doctors who will examine patients and perform surgery have experienced surgery and examination for more than 1000 cases with lymphedema in Japan and other countries. Also, examination is conducted as team medication with lymph therapists who have received advanced training (including nurses, physiotherapists). With combination of existing complex physiotherapy and current surgical treatment, we will treat patients to get a more reliable effect based on scientific basis.

Lymphedema Center Akitatsu HAYASHI