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Sports Medicine Center

What we do

Our Department of Sports Medicine is a new department that was established on July 1, 2009, after the department of sports practice became independent from conventional orthopedics.

Our department specializes in treating orthopedic diseases (diseases of the motor organs), especially those related to sports and work. Of course, even if you are not an athlete, you can visit our department. A feature of this department is that it examines a wide range of athletes, from top-level athletes to those who enjoy sports on weekends as recreation.

As a general rule of treatment, surgery is avoided as much as possible. Then, we try to conservatively improve the symptoms by "exercise therapy" and drug treatment as needed. This department also serves as the medical department of the Kameda Sports Medical Science Center, and in cooperation with the staff of the sports rehabilitation department and health promotion department of the center, we always carry out "exercise therapy" incorporating the latest technology and knowledge.

Unfortunately, exercise therapy is less effective if there are structural (organic) problems inside the joint. In this case, in our department, not only shoulder joints and knee joints, but also elbow joints, foot joints, and hip joints are also included. We carry out surgery. This "arthroscopic surgery" is an instrument that inserts a thin camera like the tip of a ballpoint pen into the joint from a very small skin incision of about 5 mm to 1 cm, and inserts it from another small incision while watching this image on the screen. Our operation should be performed in this way.

With such “arthroscopic surgery” with less injury and less strain on the body, the patient can start postoperative rehabilitation very smoothly, so we  can minimize those problems such as the muscle strength decreases after the surgery, and the joint movement is poor And this results in the ability to get back into sport or work as soon as possible.
In addition, in order to prevent joint deformation, we are actively introducing the latest treatments such as autologous cartilage culture transplantation and PRP.

In addition, we constantly work closely with other departments so that we can deal with any obstacles surrounding athletes and workers. If it is diagnosed that it is not a problem of orthopedics (motor organs), it is possible to refer it to a doctor of another department with knowledgable in sports medicine as needed. There are only a few hospitals nationwide that are doing this. Anyone who wants to improve their athletic ability can contact us.

In response to the needs of patients, our department provides consultations from Monday to Friday afternoons so that it is easy to receive the consultations "after school" and "after work". (For detailed schedule, please contact Kameda Clinic Outpatient Appointment Center, Phone Number: 04-7099-1111.)

The Kameda Kyobashi Clinic (directly connected to Kyobashi Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) also provides outpatient treatment for sports medicine. (Please check the homepage for the detailed schedule.)

In addition, by presenting and training at academic conferences overseas and in Japan, the doctors of this department always have the latest knowledge about sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery, which are improving day by day. This may cause inconvenience such as outpatient visits, but please understand that it is indispensable for providing cutting-edge treatment in this constantly advancing field.

Last but not least, during sports and work, You are worried about "pain, instability, dicomfort, muscular strength, lack of movement,"in your shoulders, knees, eblows, legs or joints,  please come to our department. Let's find the best treatment and work together!

Director of the Sports Medicine department
Hiroshi Ouchi, M.D.(Updated: August 22, 2019)
  1. What we do