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Infectious Diseases

What we do

   We provide care to patients with proven or suspected infections. Our service include 6 roles in Kameda Medical Center (KMC):
  • Infectious diseases consultation
      KMC physicians may request infectious diseases consultation on any patients any time of day.
  • Blood culture service
      Blood culture detects bacteria in the blood of patients. Positive blood culture, or bacteremia is one of the indicators of severe infections. We provide care to patients with bacteremia, and recommends appropriate antibiotic, dose, route and duration.
  • Antimicrobial stewardship program
       Our program requests primary doctors to use antibiotics optimally. We instituted a permit system of some broad-spectrum antibiotics to prevent emergence of multidrug resistant organism.
  • Treatment of specific diseases (tuberculosis, HIV, etc.)
      Management of tuberculosis or HIV infection requires specialized knowledge and multidisciplinary approach. We provide care to patients with tuberculosis or HIV either as inpatients or as outpatients. 
  • Infection control
      Infection Control Department performs surveillance of epidemiologically significant pathogens, device associated infections and surgical site infections. We support their investigations and management of outbreaks in KMC.
  • Travel health and vaccination
       We provide travel-related counseling and vaccination service. Most of the domestic and imported vaccines are available in our outpatient clinic. We also provide vaccination counseling for immunocompromised patients, such as bone marrow transplant recipients, post-splenectomy patients, or patients with malignancies.
  1. What we do