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What we do

As for ophthalmology, Kameda Clinic has outpatient examination / surgical equipment. It a large ophthalmology in Japan that operates electronic medical charts and day surgery, and an ophthalmologist is also working togethre. At Kameda Medical Center, we provide medical treatment on the 4th floor of B ward and the ophthalmology examination room of the emergency center. Our team can handle everything from babies to the elderly, or eyelashes to the optic nerve, but depending on the patient's condition, we call experts from all over the country to provide the best medical services.

As a regional main hospital, patients are coming from a wide range, and we are aware that our department's responsibility is serious. Based on the current policy of better medical service, we place particular importance on enhancing facilities, staff training and education, providing information to patients, and forming a network of local ophthalmologists and related physicians.

Our ophthalmology is striving toward the "healing medical care" of Kameda Medical Group to improve the quality of life, that is, improve the quality of life through better vision.
  1. What we do