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What we do

This department have accepted many patients from outside the prefecture as well as the Awa area. We deal with all urological diseases, especially malignant diseases (cancer), with the highest level of technology such as urinary disorders (difficult to urinate, urine leakage, frequent urination, etc.) and urinary tract stones. The latest equipment is available for physical examination with the equipment and surgical equipment, reducing the stress on the body. Moreover, we are aiming for better medical care by focusing not only on the hardware aspect but also on the content and quality of medical care.

 [Characteristics of Urology Department]
- The medical policy is decided at the conference.
- We try and practice surgery on consideariton of the patient's impact.(Laparoscopic surgery, transurethral surgery, stone treatment using flexible ureteroscope, etc.)
- We will try to spend more time on explaining the examination, medical condition, and surgery.
  1. What we do