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Breast Center

What we do

Our breast center has started  breast endoscopic surgery first in the world 24 years ago. Long-term results (proven with a low intra-breast recurrence rate due to thorough local control) demonstrate that a small incision placed in an unobtrusive area has the same curative properties as conventional surgery. An oncoplastic breast surgeon, and an experienced plastic surgeon in the mammary gland center, works in cooperation with breast reconstruction and injecting fat containing stem cells to improve the curability of the cancer as well as its cohesiveness.

Our center offers a full range of services as a "Comprehensive Breast Center" that handles everything from medical examinations to image diagnosis, surgery, drug therapy, reconstruction, and care. Doctors who are active in the world are in charge of pathological diagnosis of mammary gland and diagnostic imaging of mammary gland, and work closely with breast surgeons to ensure safe medical care.

As a new approach to surgery, we have started world-leading non-invasive cryotherapy, cryoablation, for small breast cancer, and have achieved the same results as breast-conserving surgery in over 300 cases over 13 years. Non-invasive cryotherapy is a day surgery under local anesthesia, so the stress on the body is minimal and the adequacy is good. (If sentinel lymph node biopsy is also performed, you will be hospitalized for 3 days.)

As another approach, a plastic surgeon specializing in lymphedema belonging to the our center obtains good edema reduction results by a combination of advanced examination and surgery for upper extremity edema after lymphadenectomy for breast cancer.

Not only Kameda Medical Center in Kamogawa, but also Kameda Kyobashi Clinic in Tokyo and Makuhari Clinic in Chiba provide the above-mentioned advanced medical treatment that meets the needs of patients.

▶ Details of our medical treatment
We are also actively engaged in oncoplastic surgery and breast reconstruction, aiming to balance breast balance and curative cancer.
From your outpatient visit, we will consider the cure for cancer and how to cure it, together with the diagnosis and treatment schedule.

▶ Cancer and reproductive medicine (fertility preservation)
[Kameda IVF Clinic]
Things young cancer patients should think about before starting treatment
Cancer treatment can make it difficult to have children in the future, so you should think about "having your own future children" before treatment.

▶ Treatment of upper limb lymphedema after breast cancer
[Kameda Medical Center, Kameda Kyobashi Clinic]
For lymphedema (swelling of hands and arms) after breast cancer surgery, it is possible to continue life as usual with early diagnosis and treatment. Even if you feel swelling or numbness in your hands or arms after the treatment of cancer, or if you have a feeling of discomfort or have had lymphedema for a long time, you can expect to alleviate the symptoms by having regular medical examinations and surgical treatment.
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