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Urogynecology Center

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What is the Urogynecology Center?

Urogynecology is written in English as Urogynecology and is a comined the words of Uro (Urology Urology) and Gynecology (Gynecology Gynecology). In other words, the specialized treatment center for urogynecology. Diseases located between urology and gynecology include uterine prolapse, bladder prolapse, pelvic organ prolapse such as rectal aneurysm, and urinary incontinence, frequent urination, nocturia, etc. Problems in defecation such as rectification and rectal prolapse, as well as lower abdominal pain and discomfort in the vagina are also included in the field of urology. In this way, Urogynecology can be said to mainly treat the problems of women.

What is the Female Urinary Function Center?

Recently, the name of the Urogine Center in Kameda has been changed to the name of Urogine and Female Urinary Function Center. This is to cope with the fact that the number of people who are diagnosed with urination difficulties has been increasing recently. Of course, the problems of urination are included in Urogine, but we think that there are many people who think of Urogine such diseases as "pelvic organ prolapse" and "urine leakage". Where should I go to see for intractable frequent urination and residual urine that cannot be treated with medication? I think some patients are thinking that. Urology? You may think that the urology has the image of being a medical department for men, and not all urologists specialize in urination and trouble. After all, a woman's urination trouble is Urogyne.

The UrogyneCenter has become well-established for this reason, and I thought it would be okay, but the spirit of Kameda Urogyne is to make it as easy as possible for patients to understand. So I took the plunge and changed the name to "Urogyne / Female Urinary Function Center". This will make it easier for people who have problems with urination to see a doctor. The participation of Dr. Atsushi Hayashi , who is familiar with this field, has also contributed greatly to the enhancement of the female urination function center. Regarding urinary troubles, you coulld see Dr. Masayoshi Nomura or Dr. Atsushi Hayashi who are particularly familiar with this field.

Worries about female egestion? Where should I go to see the doctor?

Frequently asked questions like this. In the past, somehow women's worries about egestion???? were seen at the gynecology. However, it was not uncommon for people to say, "Well, it's not exactly right ..." or "When I go to the urology ...". And even when they visited the urology department, they said, "This isn't gynecology ..." and many people didn't know which department to go to.

That's right, most of women's worries about egestion should be seen at the Urogyne Center, which has knowledge and skills in both gynecology and urology. In Europe and America, the Urogyne Center has been established for a long time, and there were not many such problems. In Japan, there are almost no full-scale urogyne centers, and women who have many problems with it have also suffered from the double worries of where to go to see a doctor. Therefore, now is the time to visit the Urogyne Center, the savior of women's worries about excretion????. We support as much as possible.

Why Kameda's Urogine?

Is it okay to go to the Urogyne Center? Some people may think that. However, honestly, the activities are different at each hospital. Some hospitals are very professional and perform at a high level, while some hospitals are doing so for the time being.

Kameda's Urogyne Center has the advantages of a large number of cases, a large number of staff, and a wide range of treatment options that allow you to choose the best option for you.

In Europe and the United States, Urogynecology has been established as a clinical department and is being treated at the Urogynecology Center. On the other hand, there have been few hospitals in Japan that specialize in urologic ecology. Kameda Medical Center provides specialized treatment for patients suffering from urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse! So in May 2007 we opened a full-scale Urogyne Center. Recently, we have expanded the medical field and are actively treating urinary disorders. We also provide specialized and cutting-edge treatment for urinary troubles such as urinary frequency, nocturia, residual urine, urgency, etc., and our urologyne center also has a role as a urinary function center.

Sometimes people say, "Kameda Medical Center is famous, but it's far away!" Please be assured that not only the main hospital in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture, but also the satellite clinics in Kyobashi, Tokyo and Makuhari, Chiba, you can receive specialized urogyne treatment. Please feel free to contact us.

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