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Family Medicine

What we do

A "family doctor" is a doctor who is able to deal with various concerns and problems about the your health and your family, and can deal with most of them. "Family doctor" "Your doctor" It may be easier to think of that. We have received a training so that we can provide the best medical care based on your family situation, work situation, and things that you are most concerned about by continuing to interact.

Therefore, the doctor who knows the best about you as an individual will be the doctor who specializes in examining you. The field of medical care is primary care, but we are good at dealing with diseases and preventive activities that we often encounter everyday, health consultation, etc. without being limited by age, sex, organs and types of diseases. Of course, we are aware of the limits of our ability as a doctor, so if we exceed the scope of our evpertise, we will get the help of a specialist in the field, Additonally consulting and coordinating with a specialist, we sometimes continue to see you as your consultant, acting as a conduit for your concerns and questions.
  1. What we do