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Oriental Medicine

What we do

What the Oriental Medicine Department does:<診療内容>
Our departement brings out your own "power to improve."
All animals have "power to keep themselves in good condition" (homeostatic maintenance power). Whether it's hot in summer or cold in winters, day or night, sea or mountain, you can live a healthy life, and even if you get injured or get sick, you can overcome illness or injury and return to a good condition. It is the power to try.
Human beings have this power, of course, and that helps us stay healthy.
Even if it is not possible to cure it by our own power, the progress of modern medicine is remarkable, and many diseases and injuries that could not be helped in the past can be overcome with the help of medical care.
However, even such wonderful modern medicine cannot be fully effective if the patient's own "curative power" against the disease is weak.
Oriental medicine maximizes your own "healing power (natural healing power)" and "improving power" by grasping the mind and body of a human "as a whole" to find abnormalities and making them achieve their best condition. It is the essence of the treatment to be able to exert it.
If modern medicine alone doesn't work, then our treatment may help.
In addition, because of the characteristic of oriental medicine, "to examine the human body and body as a whole", it can be successfully treated even when "a serious illness is not found, but a painful symptom cannot be taken." .
Taking advantage of these features, our department will organically cooperate with other departments to provide medical care for patients to obtain better quality of life (QOL).
  1. What we do