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Surgical Oncology

What we do

Due to the nature of the disease, the surgical aspect of oncological surgery often requires treatment beyond one organ, so not only gastrointestinal and respiratory surgery, but also urology (nephrourinary system), cardiovascular surgery (Vascular system), orthopedics (bones and muscles), gynecology (uterus and ovaries), plastic surgery (defects of skin and muscles) and other specialized teams for various organs, in order to develop treatment plan and perform surgery.

As a medical aspect, surgery is performed for the purpose of radically curing the disease, but there are many stages where surgery cannot be cured. In these cases, we are able to take medications and radiation therapy, so that patients are able to eat and we also perform surgery to remove pain.

We position surgical treatment as a part of the overall course of treatment , and consider treatment plans in collaboration with oncology and sarcomatology.
  1. What we do