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Pediatrics & Neonatology

What we do

The Department of Pediatrics was established in June 1964.  We are developing a medical care team with nurses and nurses specializing in infants and newborns to protect their lives and health.

The Pediatrics Department has 24 beds in the pediatric ward (B ward 3rd floor), 9 beds in the newborn and premature infant center NICU, and 18 beds in GCU 18 (K tower). We have sufficient equipment and staff. We are making every effort to treat all pediatric diseases such as circulatory organs, allergies, infectious diseases, immunity, kidney diseases, digestive organs, nerves, newborn babies, endocrine and metabolism with a high level of medical care for each specialty. Our department is also a core facility in our region for pediatric neurologist specialist training and a perinatal specialist training.

Outpatient clinics are held at Kameda Clinic, All reservations are made so that patients who come to the clinic will not wait for a long time. As a central clinic in the southern part of Chiba Prefecture, our hospital aims to be a pediatric department that can provide high-quality pediatric services comparable to other large hospitals in Europe and the United States, with the added benefits of community-based medical care.

We also have accommodations for family members who live far away and need long-term treatment. (It is called Hale Ohana, Family Accommodation for Children with Chronic Illness)
  1. What we do