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What the Rheumatism, Collagen disease, Allergy internal medicine Department does:<診療内容>
“Collagen Disease” does not represent one disease, but is a collective term for several diseases that are thought to be caused by abnormal immunity. It is often called "collagen disease" because it often causes inflammation of collagen fibers under a microscope. Since collagen fibers are contained in connective tissue, they are also called "connective tissue disease" these days. Chronic diseases of joints and muscles are called "rheumatism", so it is also called "rheumatic disease".
It has also been termed abnormalities in immune system, that is, immunity against one's own body, may result in "collagen disease," so it is also called "autoimmune disease." Although they are slightly different, they have the same meaning. Unfortunately, the exact cause is still unknown. In a broad sense, rheumatoid arthritis is also included in collagen disease. The more broad meaning of "rheumatic disease" is not related to immune abnormalities, but it also includes gout. Gout is a disease caused by an increase in the substance uric acid in the body, causing pain in the base of the big toe and joints in the ankle.
What kind of organ disease is "collagen disease"?
The answer is a disease in which lesions may appear in organs throughout the body. Rheumatoid arthritis is often a disease of the joints only, but sometimes lesions are found in the lungs, kidneys, eyes, skin, and so on. That's why I sometimes take chest X-ray with rheumatoid arthritis.
If you have a lesion other than the joint or if you have collagen disease, you should go to an internal medicine department such as "rheumatism / collagen disease / allergy internal medicine". If you have a leasion in your lungs, you will need to be seen by pulmonologist, if you have a leasion in your kidneys, you will need to be seen by renal specilist.If you have a problem with eyes, you will need to be seen by ophthalmologist, and in the case of making a sole plate (specially made sole) or when surgery on joints is required, we will cooperate with orthopedics.
Kameda Medical Center has a wide variety of departments, so you can treat any organ that has a disease in cooperation with the department. Of course, we always work in close cooperation with the rehabilitation department (clinic 5th floor). Since “collagen disease” is an inflammatory disease of the whole body, it often causes fever. In the early stages of the disease, the only symptom may be fever. In such cases, it may be an infectious disease, but it may be necessary to check for collagen disease. Therefore, when the cause of fever is unknown, it is often referred to our department  for collagen disease.
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