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What we do

From April 2006, the name of the Department has been changed to Renal Hypertension Medicine As a renal center (renal hypertension, dialysis center, and renal ward), we work closely with satellite clinics to provide medical treatment. It is composed of 8 staff members including specialists and supervising doctors who are certified by the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, the Japanese Nephrology Society, the Japanese Society for Dialysis Medicine, and the Japanese Society of Hypertension.

Currently, our department is a certified facility by the Japanese Society of Dialysis Medicine, Japanese Society of Nephrology, Japanese Society of Hypertension, Japanese Society of Apheresis, and Japanese Society of Acute Blood Purification. In on-site medical treatment, in cooperation with each department in the hospital such as access surgery, cardiology, and radiology, we comprehensively treat patients in the Boso region from a medical and surgical standpoint. At Kameda Medical Center, an electronic medical record system has been introduced for a long time, and all the information related to medical care contents is readily avaialble.Even test results, and images performed from other medical departments is stored electronically in the patient medical record. Due to the characteristics of the region, we see many elderly, so we are trying to provide easy explanation to our patients on the monitor using this electronic medical record system.
  1. What we do