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What we do

This is a specialized department that provides high-level medical care by utilizing advanced knowledge of all malignant tumors. The treatment plan is decided and implemented according to the type and stage of cancer and the patient's condition. In cooperation with the departments involved (surgical and internal medicine), for example, when surgery is optimal plan, treatment is performed by a surgeon, when radiation is optimal, radiation therapy is performed by the radiology department, and when treatment with medication such as anticancer agents is optimal, we are developing a multidisciplinary treatment. If hospitalization is required, we work together with Kameda General Hospital in Kamogawa. Our department  is a specialized department that always understands the entire medical treatment of patients' cancers and deals with them. We will also provide and explain the latest treatments available in Japan and around the world.
Both first-time patients and those who have already been treated at other hospitals are welcome. We also accept a second opinion. We will do our best for recurrence and difficult diseases.
Please feel free to come and visit us. Dr. Oyama who is a director of the department can also provide medical treatment explanations in English.

Japan Clinical Oncology Society Certified Training Facility
Japan Cancer Treatment Certified Medical Facility Certification Training Facility

Director of the Oncology Department
Dr. Yu Oyama, M.D.
  1. What we do