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What we do

Our Department of Cardiology always focuses on acute and chronic medical care as the center of cardiovascular medicine in Minamiboso area.

Regarding emergency medical care, we have a system that allows 24-hour cardiac catheterization and coronary artery intervention. Even if a patient with an acute myocardial infarction arrives at midnight, we are ready to handle it properly.

We mainly treat conditions which are blocked the blood vessel such as angina pectoris or myocardial infarction, In addition, also treat the conditon which is blocked blood vessels in the legs, arrhythmias, or heart failure. Since we can often treat catheters that are less burdensome on the body, we are able to reduce the burden on you.
The main symptoms of the disease are:

Angina pectoris: It feels like chest is suffocated and in pain when you move, and resting can improve in a few minutes.

Blooked blood vessels in the legs: Your legs may hurt or get tired when you walk and you must rest.
These two condiotn can be diagnosed with CT and catheter, and can be treated with catheter in addition to oral medication.

Arrhythmia: The pulse stops or falls apart. Pulse slows down.

If you have a seizure, you may feel palpitation but may not have any symptoms. You may accidentally notice a disorder in your blood pressure when measuring your blood pressure.  There are diseases that cause cerebral infarction, such as atrial fibrillation. When the pulse becomes slow, there are symptoms such as shortness of breath when you move and feel fatigue. This can also be treated with drugs, catheters and pacemakers.

Heart failure: Shortness of breath and weakness when moving.

Heart failure occurs in various diseases such as valvular disease. Valvular disease can be noticed by the sound of the heart with simple examination. Until now, treatment was mainly surgical operations other than oral drugs, but elderly people may be able to treat with catheters.

If you are worried, please visit our department in Kameda clinic. All reservations should be made in advance, and we try to reduce your waiting time.

If you are really sick, you can come without a reservation. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
  1. What we do