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Chest Surgery

What we do

Focusing on lung cancer treatment, we are engaged in treatment of various diseases such as pneumothorax, mediastinal tumor, empyema, and we are trying to perform safe and painless treatment.
For lung cancer, pneumothorax, mediastinal tumor, empyema, etc., postoperative pain is suppressed by active thoracoscopic surgery, enabling early discharge.

For small lung cancers (2 cm or less), segmental resection (surgery to remove only 1/3 or less of the lung compared to normal lobectomy) is aimed at both preserving lung function and early discharge.

For locally advanced lung cancer, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are given before surgery to shrink the tumor and perform complete resection as much as possible.

In addition, as one of the characteristics of respiratory surgery in Kameda Medical Center, a cryotherapy is used to kill smaller tumors less than 2 cm or metastatic lung cancer by local anesthesia to puncture the tumor with a needle to freeze the tumor and kill it. This is a significantly less invasive treatment method than surgery because it is painless and does not impair lung function.

In addition, we have many other methods on hand to relieve patients' pain, such as stent insertion for airway stenosis and shunting for intractable pleural effusion, which are effectively used as part of active palliative treatment.
  1. What we do