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What we do

We treat mothers and babies from pregnant women to after delivery. We have been approved by Chiba Prefecture as a comprehensive perinatal maternal and child care center, and we will treat high-risk pregnancies such as preterm birth, hypertensive pregnancy, and complications, as well as the treatment of small newborn babies and sick babies who need treatment. Maternal and fetal intensive care unit (MFICU) 6 beds, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) 9 beds. In addition, since it is a core medical institution in the region, we also provide medical treatment for pregnant women and babies with risk. The number of deliveries per year is about 800, and we handle many deliveries. At the time of delivery, you must stay in the same room (LDR Labor,Delivery,Recovery) from hospitalization to labor, childbirth, and at least 2 hours after childbirth. You can feel as relaxed as you are at home with your family, and our doctors and midwives work together to provide you with a safe and comfortable childbirth. We are working together with you to create a better parenting environment.

During pregnancy, not only a physical examination such as maternal blood pressure, urinalysis, and weight, but also the health condition of the baby in the abdomen is measured using an ultrasonic diagnostic device, such as the baby's head, abdomen, and foot length. By doing so, the weight of the baby is estimated, and the health of the baby is checked by observing the baby's developmental status (at least 4 times during the pregnancy), amniotic fluid volume, and placenta position.

In addition, this hospital accepts homecoming deliveries at any time. Please contact us if you have any questions.

This hospital is an obstetrics and gynecology specialist training institution, and many medical examinations including pregnant woman medical examinations are conducted by obstetrics and gynecology specialists (training doctors) under the guidance of an instructor. In addition, there is a midwifery department at the Kameda College of Medical Technology, and midwifery students are also practicing. We appreciate that fostering obstetricians and midwives is essential for continuing obstetric care in this area.

Perinatal Maternal and Child Medical Center
What is perinatal medicine?

Perinatal period refers to the period before and after birth of the baby from the second trimester (22 weeks after gestation) to the early newborn (less than 7 days after birth). Perinatal medicine is a comprehensive treatment of the mother (mother), fetus (baby in the tummy), and newborn baby (baby under 28 days old) during this period to protect the health of both mother and baby.

At the Perinatal Maternal and Child Medical Center

We provide highly specialized medical care and emergency medical care for maternal and delivery abnormalities, fetal and neonatal abnormalities by closely coordinating doctors and staff in obstetrics, pediatrics, pediatric surgery, and other related clinical departments. The Perinatal
Maternal and Child Medical Center is divided into a comprehensive perinatal maternal and child medical center and a regional perinatal maternal and child medical center according to the facility standards, and is approved by the prefecture.
  1. What we do