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What we do

1) We accept all emergency diseases in the area of neurosurgery that occurred in the southern part of the Boso Peninsula.

Neurosurgery department in Kameda Medical Center accepts all emergency diseases in the area of neurosurgery as a core hospital in the southern part of the Boso Peninsula with the cooperation of the emergency department, neurology department, radiology department and surgery department. We have a system in place that allows us to perform CT scan, MRI, and cerebrovascular examinations at any time. With the restraint system of a trained neurosurgeon, advanced neurosurgical operations such as cerebral aneurysm clipping are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is possible. Since we also support transportation by helicopter, we also accept the patients from the northern part of the Boso Peninsula and the entire Kanto region.

2) We provide advanced neurosurgical treatment.

In addition to dealing with all emergency illnesses such as stroke and trauma, we also have a sufficient experience with brain tumors and functional disorders such as facial spasms and trigeminal neuralgia, providing advanced neurosurgery medical treatment. A pre-operative conference will be held with the entire neurosurgery team to select the best treatment for the patient. We also consider all surgeries at pre- and post-operative conferences. In addition, we are actively performing endovascular treatment.
Outpatient Clinic for neurosurgery are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  1. What we do