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Plastic Surgery

What we do

In our department, we support various diseases on the body surface. One of the characteristics of this clinic is that there are many skin cancers. In recent years, blepharoptosis and intractable ulcers are also increasing as diseases associated with the aging of society. The main target diseases treated in our department are as follows.

Birth defects
Surgery for inborn dysplasia on the body surface (mainly dysplasia of cleft lip and / or palate, auricle, limbs, etc.) Laser treatment of large-scale bruises (hemangiomas and nevus of Ota) may be given with general anesthesia.

Skin tumor surgery
Removal of benign and malignant tumors. Radiation and chemotherapy may be added if malignant.

Reconstructive surgery
In reconstructive surgery after breast resection or head and neck cancer resection, free flap surgery is mainly performed using a microscope. For treatment of intractable ulcers and traumatic ulcers after surgery, diabetic foot lesions, and local negative pressure wound therapy is used together to reduce the burden of surgery.

Surgery for facial fractures and skin soft tissue damage. Extensive burn treatment working together with the emergency department.

Laser treatments for spots and bruises, hair removal treatments using phototherapy equipment (IPL), piercings, double eyelid surgery, etc
  1. What we do