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Characteristics of our department
In orthopedics, in order to respond to rapidly advancing medical technology, specialized areas are subdivided according to diseases and injuries such as parts and tissues that make up the motor organs. (For details, refer to Figure 1.)

Therefore, not only conventional medical treatment for general orthopedics but also medical specialists in each area gather in our departmetn to provide medical treatment in a specialized area so that higher quality medical treatment can be provided.

Information for each area
Tumor disease (specialist: Dr. Hiroshi Kuroda)
We treat tumors that occur in bones and tumors that occur in tissues such as muscles, nerves, fat and blood vessels. If you are diagnoses with a bone tumor  in another facility and want to seek for a second opinion, we recommend you to visit Dr. Kuroda.

Lower limb disease (specialists:Dr. Hideo Eguro, Dr.Kosuke Kubo)
We mainly treat various symptoms of the hip and knee joints.
If you have trouble with hip / knee pain, such as "I can't  go shopping because I have a pain in my knee or hip", "I'm tired of going to travel because of pain in my knee or hip". We recommend you to visit our doctor.

Traumatic diseases (specialists: Tomokazu Nakatani?, Dr.Takashi Kameoka, Dr.Akito Tokumo)
Traumatic diseases are high-energy injuries such as traffic accidents and injuries such as fractures and sprains caused by falls in sports and daily life.
Post-operative results for orthopedic injuries such as bone fractures vary greatly depending on the treating doctor, and a doctor specializing in orthopedic injuries improves the long-term prognosis.
If you have a problem with orthopedic injury, such as "I want to treat my fracture so that I won't be troubled in the future" or "I have been treating the fracture in another facility but my symptoms do not improve," we recommend you to visit our specialists.

Spineand spinal cord disease (specialist: Dr.Yasuo Kanamori)
We specialize in treating diseases of the spine (from neck to lower back (pelvis)).
We recommend you to visit our specilist  if you have symptoms such as "I have a bad back pain and my daily life is difficult" or "I have trouble with my limbs." From conservative therapies such as block injections, we are also actively performing minimally invasive surgery (spine endoscopic surgery) with less strain on the body.

Hand Surgery / Microsurgery Center (Specialist: Dr.Hayato Kuno)
The Hand Surgery / Microsurgery Center diagnoses and treats all illnesses and injuries, including injuries and degenerative diseases, including the upper limbs and under the shoulder to the fingertips. The hand is a very complex organ in the human body, and is a sensitive and delicate part called the second brain. Therefore, it goes without saying that if hand function is impaired due to injury or illness, it will be a major obstacle in daily life. In hand surgery, we have abundant knowledge and certain and careful techniques to handle it, and we are aiming for a functional and cohesive hand and upper limbs for treatment.

There are numerous types of illnesses and injuries to be targeted. Typical examples include diseases such as tendonitis (stiffness of the hand), carpal tunnel syndrome (numbness of the hand), CM arthritis of the thumb (pain at the base of the thumb), and deformity of the finger (Heberden's nodule, Bouchard's nodule). , Falling distal radius fractures (wrist fractures) caused by falls and hands, scaphoid fractures, fractures around the elbow joint and ligament damage associated with dislocation are wide-ranging.

For those who unfortunately had their fingers amputated (cutting fingers) due to an accident or an injury at work, or who have left their hands deformed or numb due to a previous injury, the microsurgery We try to obtain the maximum functional recovery by reattaching the amputated finger and tissue transplantation using the technique used to suture very small blood vessels and nerves. In addition, we are actively working on the treatment of intractable non-union joints, paralysis after nerve damage, and tissue loss, which are complications of severe lower limb trauma.

The director of the center, Dr.Kuno, has trained at a facility specializing in hand surgery in Japan, and after studying abroad twice, he strives for accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment based on his abundant case experience.
If you are suffering from any of the above illnesses or injuries, we recommend that you do not give up and have a consultation with us first.
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