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General Medicine

What we do

Our department is similar to family doctors for adults. It can be called a modern version of internal medicine which conducts  accurate diagnosing and treatment for common diseases.

If you do not know which department you should go to, please come to our department if you want a doctor who can consult anything what you have.

Here is an example. if you have been having a fever for the last several days or longer than a week and want to see a doctor but do not know which department you should visit to find out the cause of the fever, come to our department.   The cause may be an infectious disease such as pneumonia, urinary tract infection, cholecystitis, a collagen disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, or rarely, fever can be caused by a tumor such as lymphoma.  Our doctors can examine you, conduct some tests and find the cause.
If hospitalization is required, you will be admitted to our department or another appropriate department. If you need to be referred  to another specialist.   In our outpatient clinic, you may be referred to the appropriate specialty department, or if the diagnosis and treatment can be completed in our department, we will complete everything by our team.

Here is an another example. Patients with chronic diseases who have been referred to the cardiology department for hypertension and atrial fibrillation, the endocrine department for hyperlipidemia, and the respiratory department for emphysema, may be consulted in our comprehensive internal medicine department depending on your condition. If we can treat you with chronic diseases together,
we can reduce drug duplication and any adverse interaction. If necessary, if we think you should be seen by a specialist will be explained to you and we will refer you. We can also advise you to get necessary vaccinations such as influenza and pneumococcus and recommend a medical check up. These treatments are based on scientific evidence, and consultations are made according to the patient's condition when determine strategies and make a treatment plan.
More than 30 doctors take turns in our department.  We provide our service with 6-10 of our physicians in the morning and 3-6 of our physicians in the afternoon. Each physician and our staff work together to ensure that you as our patient can be treated with peace of mind and safely.

Be sure to bring a referral letter if you have visited other hospital with the same symptoms. It is better for doctors to exchange information directly with each other in a referral letter, leading to accurate diagnosis and better treatment without repeating unnecessary tests. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in advance.
  1. What we do