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5. In Case of Emergency

There is a Fire Prevention Plan in this hospital. In case of fire, please act according to the following instructions.

Please follow the instructions by staffs who all have received Fire Safety Training. Please do not act by yourself.

  1. 1 .Please wait in your room until you receive the instructions.
  2. 2 .Staff will quickly inform you about escape routes, and other necessary information. Please cooperate fully with staff.

Staff will communicate with all the patients, so please quietly wait for the instructions and follow them. Listen to all announcements carefully.

Example) Staff may say:

  • Please follow me. ( Watashi ni tsuite kite kudasai.)
  • Please do not act by yourself. ( Hitori de koudou shinaide kudasai.)
  • Please help with the transportation. ( Hansou wo tetsudatte kudasai.)
  • Is there anybody here? ( Dareka imasuka?)
  • Please stoop down. ( Sisei wo hikuku site kudasai.)


In case of fire, please stoop as low as you can.

* Smoke is lighter and warmer than the air and will rise up. If you stoop down low, you will be safer.