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2. During your stay

(1) Meals

In order to support the effective treatment of the hospital, all the meals are prepared by dieticians taking into account of you medical conditions. Please have your meals regularly as they are part of your treatment.
You can make a choice from A and B menus at breakfast, and from A, B and K menus at lunch and dinner. Please note only patients in the K-Tower can choose the K menu and it's provided at an additional cost.

A menu / B menu General meals/
You can choose from A or B menu.
K menu
(only for patients in the K-Tower)
Special meals with an additional cost.
You can choose at lunch and dinner.

When your doctor chooses a specific dietary meal, you will be served that.

  • A, and B menus cost you 640 yen per meal to be paid when you leave the hospital.
  • Food or drinks can be restricted by staff in line with specific treatment. Please consult with the doctor or nurse, if you want to have something to drink or eat in addition to the regular meals.
  • Meal time;
Breakfast 8:00
Lunch 12:00
Dinner 18:00
  • When you cannot have the meal before an examination, the staff will keep your meal until you come back from the examination.

(2) Identify each patient

How to identify each patient

Your wrist band with IC chip is very important to identify you.
You will be frequently asked your name and date of birth as a process of identifying. Please kindly cooperate on this for your safety.

A measure for crime prevention

Patients in K-Tower and A-Ward can open the door of their ward by bringing the wristband close to the sensor. The wrist band is water proof. It can be worn during shower.

(3) Leaving the hospital building or staying out of the hospital over night

You will need permission to go out of the hospital buildings or stay overnight outside of the hospital. Please inform your nurse about your intention.
When you get the permission and go outside of the hospital, please make sure to follow doctor’s instructions.

Should there be any changes in your health conditions, please contact Care Team Station immediately.

In case you cannot come back to the hospital by the specified limit, please make sure to inform us.

(4) Having an attendant

In this hospital, it is usually not necessary to have an attendant. If, however, you want one, please ask a nurse. We offer linen and bedding for family/friends that wish to stay overnight at K-tower.
Should a family member wish to stay overnight at a hotel or a tourist’s house, please contact the Concierge Desk at extension: 7106.

(5) Discharge from the hospital

  • Your doctor will decide upon the date of your discharge and will inform you with reasons. Please kindly cooperate with the decision as hospital needs to attend new patients.
  • Please ask a clerk in advance if you need any documents prior to leaving hospital.
  • The time of discharge is basically in the morning. If you wish to leave in the afternoon, please ask a nurse.
  • The doctor or nurses will explain about follow-up after your discharge, and about things you need to be careful.
  • Making your payment ( Please see the “Makin Your Payment” page for more details); You can ask for the estimated amount of your payment from a clerk. Please make a payment at the cashier counter on the 1st floor of K-tower.

We will take off your wrist band in your room after the payment. Please make sure to return hospital property from the room, but be sure to take your daily necessities, medicine and ID card from the hospital.

(6) Chaplain

The chaplain is a staff member who takes care of patients and their families, providing spiritual support in this hospital without connections to any specific religions.
On the 9th floor of K-tower in the Kameda Medical Center, there is a meditation room. In this meditation room, you can talk with a chaplain in Japanese. Of course, you can meditate in the room alone.
If you want to have time to talk with the chaplain, or want to use the meditation room, please ask a nurse.

* Chaplain and staff will respect your privacy.

(7) Requests from Kameda Medical Center

Visiting a Patient

  • Visiting hours may vary among patients according to hospital rounds and treatments.
  • Please refrain from making large noises with visitors in the wards.
  • A physician may restrict the number of visitors according to your condition.
  • Please avoid having many visitors at once or with children unless it is totally necessary to do so. Also, we may ask you meet your visitors in the lounge instead of your room.

Cell Phone

Please keep your cell phone on in manner mode while you are in this hospital. However, please be sure to switch off it within 50 centimeters around the signs in restricted areas. You can use it in your room, EV hall, and the entrance hall.

Note the PHS (Personal Handy-phone System) that staff uses in the hospital does not influence medical equipment.

Declination to accept a gift

Any gifts to doctors, nurses, and other staff are not to be accepted. We would provide the highest level of service to patients regardless.


We ask patients to refrain from driving to the hospital on admission day to avoid accidents caused by medical reasons. If you need to drive a car on admission day, please consult a physician. Kameda Medical Center is not responsible for any accidents or injuries. Please stop by at the concierge desk on the 1st floor of K-Tower or ask the International Patient Services office for free parking. Otherwise, you will be charged for parking.