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Ningen Dock (Comprehensive Health Examination)

Kameda Health Appraisal Center provides comprehensive health examination (it’s known as “Ningen Dock”) a means of contributing to patient happiness through the diagnosis and prevention of diseases.

The purpose of the comprehensive health examination is to maintain health through the three major roles in the early detection of cancer, detection of lifestyle-related diseases, and the confirmation of your health condition. In this section, we will explain the importance of these roles.

1. Early detection of cancer

Many types of cancer are treatable when detected in an early stage, which could prevent early death from cancer. In general, the treatment required after the early detection of cancer in the early stage is usually less invasive. For example, Periodic endoscopic examinations for upper GI and colon at regular intervals will help early detection of these cancers, so that will reduce the likelihood of death from them.

Advice for efficient detection of cancer
The type of cancer you are likely to develop, the types of cancer that are likely to lead to death, and the types of cancer for which screening is effective depends on your gender and age. Screening is considered particularly effective for lung cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and cancer of the uterine body. It is important to create an examination plan for the early detection of these types of cancers considering of the long term. In addition, it is important to decide which optional tests should be performed at what intervals. Please refer to the explanation of the preparation of examination plan and optional tests with regard to this matter. Furthermore, an examination plan can be optimized by taking into consideration cancer risk of each (how susceptible you are to develop cancer), characteristics of the examination (advantages, weaknesses, disadvantages), and personal requests. We recommend that you receive an explanation of the results after the Ningen Dock and then consult your doctor about a future examination plan.

2. Detection of lifestyle-related diseases

Lifestyle-related diseases include hypertension, diabetes mellitus, high-LDL cholesterolemia, low-LDL cholesterolemia, and hypertriglyceridemia. If these disorders remain untreated, they may cause arteriosclerosis, resulting in a heart attack, stroke (cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, and subarachnoid hemorrhage), loss of vision, or the need for dialysis. Heart attacks and strokes are severe disorders that may result in early death or a bedridden condition. By detecting lifestyle-related diseases early in the Ningen Dock and improving tour health condition, the future onset of serious lifestyle-related diseases can be declayed prevented.

Advice on lifestyle-related diseases
Many lifestyle-related diseases are caused by poor lifestyle habits—excessive eating, insufficient exercise, obesity, smoking, and excessive alcohol intake. Detection of lifestyle-related diseases in the Ningen Dock does not prevent future disorders. Improvement of lifestyle habits is the most important factor, and we urge you to review your lifestyle habits after the Ningen Dock.

3. Confirmation of personal health

Many people undergo the Ningen Dock to confirm the state of their health and for the motivation to live a healthy life. We believe an important role of the Ningen Dock is not only to detect disorders, but also to relieve any anxiety about health issues.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Prior Acknowledgement

It is very important that you acknowledge and understanding the following matters before you make a reservation for comprehensive health examination:

  • If you are not Japanese, we need you to bring your passport, and we are required to make a copy of your passport to confirm your identity when you sign in our center.
  • On the day of the examination, we are not able to add any other optional examinations.
  • During endoscopy, we do not perform a polypectomy (removal of a polyp), even if a polyp which needs removal is found. If you would like to have a polypectomy, you will need to make a reservation in the department of gastroenterology as an outpatient and arrange for hospitalization for two days.
  • A separate fee of almost JPY 20,000 is required if the physician performs a biopsy during the Upper GI endoscopy or the colonoscopy.
    (A biopsy is when the physician removes a sample of your tissue to help diagnose an illness or identify cancer)

If you cancel your appointment, the below cancellation fee will be charged:

  1. a .14 days before the examination, no cancellation charge
  2. b .4 - 13 days before, 10%
  3. c .1 - 3 days before, 20%
  4. d .On the Examination date, 100%
* In case of a cancellation due to an unpredictable reason such as a denied visa application, there will be no cancellation charge if you can submit evidence and we can confirm it. The remittance charge is born by you.
  • It takes almost one month from the date of examination to complete your report (test results).
  • The pap-test & uterine ultrasound are sometimes conducted by a male physician. Please let us know in advance if you have any objection.
  • Our comprehensive medical examination provides screening tests and examinations and is not intended to address specific symptoms you might be experiencing. If you have current symptoms you wish to have diagnosed and treated, you should make an appointment in our outpatient clinic to see a specialist.
  • All of our hospital grounds are smoke-free, so we recommend making a reservation at a neighboring hotel if you smoke.