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How should I go from Narita Airport?

It takes 135 minutes by train from Narita Airport.

How should I go from Haneda Airport?

It takes 140 minutes by train from Haneda Airport.


Would it be possible to consult a physician without an appointment?

We highly recommend you to schedule an appointment. Even if you just walk in, please make sure to contact us prior to your visit.
Please contact our appointment center (in Japanese), Chinese Patient Services office (in Chinese or Japanese), or International Patient Services office (in English or Japanese).

Can I use private insurance?

It depends on the insurance companies.
Please confirm whether your insurance company can be accepted by contacting our International Patient Services office before your visit. Even though your insurance company isn't on the available list, sometimes we can accept if you have a pre-authorization from your insurer.

Can I use a credit card?

Yes, we accept credit cards. Please confirm that your credit card is on the list.


What to bring for your hospitalization?

Please prepare the following items for admission.
-Kameda' hospital ID card
-Japanese National Health Insurance Card (*only if you are registered)
-Signature stamp (hanko)
-Referral Letter (*only if you have received one) etc
See for daily necessities

What are the visiting hours for visitors?

The visiting hours vary amongst wards. Please check at the information desk at K-tower.


*People having a supporter card may freely visit 24 hours a day.


*People having a family card may freely visit from 7:30 to 21:00.



Are accommodations and places available for family members and visitors to stay?

Please contact our information desk for detailed information.

Are supporters allowed to stay over night in patient rooms?

In principle, we do not think family caregiving is necessary here; however, patients in K-tower are permitted to be accompanied by supporters according to their desires. Please contact an attending nurse for details. Note: patients in other wards are not allowed.

What should I do if I have some religious dietary restrictions?

Please talk with a nurse in charge.

Can I bring a TV set into my room while staying at the hospital?

No, you can not. Every bed in the hospital is provided with a TV set although the way to watch may probably be different.

Is it permitted to bringing a small child into a patient room?

Considering that a small child maybe vulnerable to hospital-acquired infection, basically, we discourage having a small child to meet a patient in the hospital. However, we know a small child’s visit could give joy and courage to a patient, so it is not totally forbidden. You may make your own decision on this point.