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Kameda's Corporate Philosophy

Kameda's Mission
In order to contribute to the happiness and well being of everyone involved with the Kameda Medical Center, we endeavor to provide the highest level of medical service.

In order to attain this goal, we have incorporated our values and basic principles into our methods of operation.

The Values of Kameda Medical Center

We will

  • Hold our patients in the highest esteem, with their needs being the highest priority of all.
  • Instill trust and respect in all of our employees which in turn binds them closely together to serve our patients.
  • Foster a high spirit that is not detracted by challenge or hindered by fixed needs.

Additionally, it is our policy to restrict bureaucratic needs to a minimum and to create a cordial understanding between employees, thus allowing for growth of a teamwork spirit without walls.

Principles of Kameda Medical Center
01 We exist for the benefit of patients as they are the core of all our conduct
  • We offer the most appropriate and efficient health care to patients.
  • We provide our patients health care with the greatest comfort available.
  • We will endeavor to grasp and fulfill patient needs beyond expectation.
02 Employees will always engage in medical service with trust and respect
  • Our patients will receive treatment with dignity.
  • We seek to maintain the highest ethical standards in dealing with the hospital community, our patients, and the community at large.
03 Maintaining high aspirations with a challenging spirit
  • An employee's improvement is Kameda Medical Center's progress as a whole, and employee's delay is Kameda's delay.
  • Individual efforts of staff members, such as growth in the area of expertise, career supplements, and others, will always be encouraged and rewarded.
  • In addition to evaluation from patients and others outside of the organization, Kameda has a policy of self-evaluation. Our goal is to constantly lead the world in health care delivery.
  • We aim to contribute to people's happiness by aggressively working on the development of new technologies.
  • We are ever-mindful of ensuring patient privacy.