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Privacy Policy

Regarding Handling of Personal Information at Kameda Medical Center

At Kameda Medical Center, we handle a patient's personal information as follows. Please understand our policy before applying for medical treatment.

1.The purpose

  1. 1 .To offer appropriate medical services
  2. 2 .To provide information for offering appropriate medical services
  3. 3 .To manage appropriate hospital operation
  4. 4 .To contribute to training and research to improve medical treatment
  5. 5 .To comply with law and the administration of medical records
  6. 6 .To comply with the outside audit authorities
  7. 7 .To provide legally required information about health and public hygiene

2.About Disclosing Personal Information to a Third Party

When needing information sharing with the outside is often requires to offer appropriate medical services.
  • When asking for advice from a medical specialist of another medical institution.
  • When reporting to the original referring medical institution and in writing referrals to other medical institution.
  • When cooperating with other medical institutions, clinics, home-visit nursing station, and nursing-care services.
  • When explaining a medical condition of a patient to their family.
To outsource a part of laboratory tests and other services
To cooperate with medical education of Interns and residents.
To provide information to VHJ (Voluntary Hospitals of Japan) for establishing the benchmark.

However, when disclosing your medical information externally, every effort is made to ensure that your name and personal identification data is not compromised.

3.Regarding Outsourcing

To offer medical services, we entrust a part of our services to outsourcing.
Examples are laboratory test tasks, Information System, linen supply, and purchasing.

4.Disclosure of Medical Information

Your medical record information belongs to you but is maintained by the Kameda Medical Center and is shared with you because patients have the right to know the information contained therein. When a patient in person asks for disclosure of his medical information, we will mostly approve your request for disclosure unless it would have a negative effect on your medical treatment. A request for medical information will be accepted at the International Relations Office for foreigners.


If you have a question about Kameda Medical Center protection of personal information policy or a request for your personal information, it will be accepted below;

Office Name Kameda Medical Center / International Office
Telephone (81) 4-7092-2211
Extension 3014
E-mail Address

Medical Corporation Teshokai
Chairman of the Board
Takaaki Kameda

President of General Hospital
Shinsuke Kameda

President of Kameda Clinic
Shogo Kameda

Last updated Jul 24, 2013
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