Spine Surgery

Conditions we handle
【Cervical spine】
Cervical disc herniation
Cervical spondylotic myelopathy
Developmental spinal canal stenosis
Ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament(OPLL)

【Thoracic spine】
Thoracic disc herniation
Ossification of ligamentum flavum

【Lumbar spine】
Lumbar disc herniation
Lumbar canal stenosis
Lumber spondylolysis and listhesis

【Compression fracture of vertebral body】
Metastatic spine tumor

【Spinal tumor】
Metastatic spinal cord tumor
Intradural spinal tumor
Intramedullary spinal cord tumor

【Spinal vascular disorder】
Spinal AVF
Spinal epidural hematoma
Spinal cord infarction
Chiari malformation / Syringomyelia

【Anomaly of Cranio-vertebral junction】
Basilar impression
Atlanto-axial dislocation

【Entrapment peripheral neuropathy】
Carpal canal syndrome
Thoracic outlet syndrome

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