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What we do

All the staff are a members of the Japanese Urological Association, and most are authorized as a specialist of the same authorization.

【Medical examination and treatment range】
The department progress care for urologic tumor, lower urinary tract symptoms including benign prostatic hyperplasia and overactive bladder and neurogenic bladder, and calculus treatment in an urologic medical examination and treatment range.

Flexible cystoscope (video-electronic and optics), Ultrasonography (doppler correspondence), Urodynamics test device, Ureteroscope (rigid, flexible and video-electronic), ESWL, Holmium laser.

【Characteristic of Kameda medical center urology department】
As needed, We perform laparoscopic surgery for adrenal and renal tumors in cooperation with Dr. Kano of Director surgical chief / endoscope operation center, employ brachytherapy and 3D-CRT for prostate cancer, and provide radical cystectomy and arterial infusion chemotherapy combined with radiotherapy for invasive bladder cancer.
  1. What we do