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Urogynecology Center

What we do

We treat urological conditions in women including. We have an outpatient clinic for women bladder weakness and with incontinence.

【Kameda Medical Center's woman's health program】
Dr Yukiko Shimizu is head of the department of gynecology. We have new General perinatal center and the women exclusive ward as well as improved outpatient facilities such as the gynecology department, breast center, woman exclusive clinic, and the uro-gyne clinics.

【How to get examined】
We are open on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Tuesday in morning time, 1st& 3rd Thurseday in afternoon, and all Friday in afternoon. We only see patients with an appointment (appointment center number: (81) 4-7092-2211 ext:3014 / International Office).

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  1. What we do