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What we do

We are ready to treat with various kinds of general psychiatric diseases such as mood disorders, neurotic disorders and psychotic disorders. One of the major diseases of these three are; Major depressive disorder, Panic disorder, Schizophrenia. Drug dependence including alcoholic dependence is also the object of our treatment and when special treatment by admission is needed, we can cope with such situation promptly. To see the other kind of diseases we treat, please look at the list below. (*1)
Recently the number of psychiatric disorders in the child and adolescent psychiatry has been increasing, so to deal with this situation, our department has reinforced the collaboration with clinical psychologists and has tried to treat these patients as soon as possible. Even if patients themselves cannot visit our department because of various reasons and only their family members can visit, we are ready to cope with it. So, please be free to visit our department and consult us.

In our department, we have especially thought highly of these two services; the consultation system by clinical psychologists and the consultation-liaison services.
We have reinforced our consultation system by clinical psychologists. Now four full-time psychologists work here, and have made it possible for us to meet patients’ needs sufficiently. We will keep on making effort so that we can react more adequately to patients’ needs and expectation including ones from the area of pediatric department.
Also, we have especially reinforced the consultation-liaison services related with various psychiatric problems. In the process of treatment of physical diseases, various kinds of psychiatric signs and symptoms tend to appear and in general hospitals which functions very actively like ours, such tendency often occurs. To deal with it, we have prepared sufficient consultation-liaison services, so we hope that patients and their family will feel free to consult your physician in charge and other staff of our department.

(*1)Diseases treated in our department
Mood Disorders
Psychotic Disorders
Neurotic Disorders
Disorders due to psychoactive substance use
Eating Disorders
Organic and symptomatic psychiatric Disorders
Dementia (Alzheimer Disease and so on)
Sleep Disorders
Psychosomatic Disorders

(*2)Clinical data (2007)
Average number of outpatients 105 per day
Total number of inpatients 287 per year
Average admission days 44
(Written by Hiraki Koishikawa, chief of the department)
  1. What we do