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What we do

Patients come to Kameda Medical Center not only from the southern part of the Boso Peninsula, but also from other areas of Chiba Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Tokyo. Our medical center has an important role in emergency medicine, and our department is also responsible for diagnosing diseases of the cardiovascular system. First, it is our mission to save the lives of emergency patients with serious heart disease, such as acute myocardial infarction, and to help them return to work or home. We feel patients visiting our department will be delighted with our medical system, our medical staff, and our equipment. For instance, emergency catheterization or percutaneous coronary intervention can be performed for acute myocardial infraction or severe angina at any time. Immediate accurate management will be possible even if the patients are admitted at midnight. Furthermore, as a result of our enthusiastic support for arrhythmic field in the past few years, implantation of special types of pacemaker and ablation therapy for specific arrhythmias have become possible. We also treat satisfactorily many chronic heart diseases, for example, effort angina, chronic heart failure, valvular heart disease, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia, and hypertensive heart disease, which are all common. We always manage the patients while keeping in contact with our cardiovascular surgery team and clinical joint conferences are regularly held for candidates for surgery.
A long-anticipated new building with 13 floors (K tower) was opened in March 2005. Almost all the patients admitted in our department will have moved to the new ward. Our ward is situated on the 10th floor, which consists of 27 regular private-type rooms with an ocean view, CCU with 7 separate rooms, and a special room for cardiac rehabilitation. Although improved service is made effective in the new facilities, it is important for us to maintain giving good medical management for all our patients.
Secondly, our medical service for outpatients is performed at Kameda Clinic across a narrow street from K Tower. As a rule, you can book an appointment for consultation in advance in order to shorten waiting time at the clinic. It is also possible to visit without booking if you have a serious heart disease because such patients need quick management. If your illness has reached an acute stage, prompt visiting is important regardless of reservation time or reservation date, Don't hesitate to visit the hospital when you feel bad because of the possibility of sudden changes in your heart disease, which can often be experienced.
Finally, our department currently consists of 8 physicians, 4 of them are board certified members of the Japanese Circulation Society, 1 is a fellow of the Japanese College of Cardiology, 2 are board certified members of the Japanese College of Interventional Cardiology, and 7 of them are certified members of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine.
Our department and hospital is a selected training institute for young cardiologists aiming to obtain qualifications of these societies, The knowledge of how to use the most advanced medical technologies, such as percutaneous coronary stenting and rotational coronary atherectomy, implantation of various types of pacemakers and implantable cardioverter -defibrillator, catheter ablation for specific arrhythmias, cardiac resynchronization therapy for severe heart failure, can be obtained in our institute. Our department is affiliated with the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University and the Third Department of Internal Medical, General Medical Center, Saitama Medical School.
  1. What we do