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Respiratory Medicine

What we do

The Pulmonology Medicine department sees outpatients from Monday to Saturday afternoon (excluding Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon). We have around 600 cases of bronchial asthma, 500 cases of COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) such as emphysema, 100 cases of lung cancer and other diseases such as interstitial pneumonia.
We have been officially certified as a bronchofiberscope facility hospital, which evaluates more than 400 cases in a year. We have established Smoking cessation program in the Clinic, as well as carrying out disease prevention programs such as vaccination for the influenza virus. We have acquired good results in treating bronchial asthma by curing, teaching and managing the conditions of the patients with the help of pharmacists. None of our patients in the last 4 years died of bronchial asthma. We also cooperate with doctors in private practices, and communicate with them to enable medical examination results to reach patients within 2 weeks.
  1. What we do