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What we do

The department has 16 doctors trained for Obstetrics and Gynecology, including Dr Yukiko Shimizu, chief director of the department, Dr Isao Otsuka, head of Gynecology, Dr. Makoto Suzuki, head of Obstretrics, and Dr Koi, head of the infertility treatment department. We do invasive and non-invasive Gynecology surgeries, and have delivered more than 1000 babies per year. We offer programs such as maternity aerobics, aroma therapy, painless delivery, celebration dinners and beauty care services. We also treat high risk pregnancy/delivery patients. Kameda opened a new ward in 2005 which includes 6 labor, delivery and recovery rooms, MFICU rooms for high risk maternities and NICU rooms for new born babies. We have been approved as the first General perinatal center in Chiba. 4th and 5th floor of the new ward is the women exclusive floor.
We also have the department named “ ART center” ( Assisted Reproductive Technology) is a infertility treatment department , including assisted reproductive technology facilities. ( 2nd floor in A-building in Kameda General Hospital).
  1. What we do