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For Visitors

Visiting Patients

In order to visit a patient in a room beginning with 'K' (for K-Tower), you must have a Visitor or Supporter IC card. These cards may be obtained at the information desk on the ground floor of K-Tower.
If you will be visiting a patient in either the A-Tower or B-Tower (except for the pediatric ward and the E-ward) you will not need an IC card. If possible, staff at the information desk will provide you the room no# of the patient.

Please note: If a patient requests no visitors, we will comply with this request. Thank you for your understanding.

■ IC Card Information ■

There are two kinds of IC cards: Supporter cards and Visitor cards.

■ Supporter Card ■
  1. 1) Up to 2 people can be designated as Supporters by the patient. These persons have 24-hour access to their respective patient floor.
  2. 2) This card can only be used while the patient is in the hospital.
  3. 3) Please return the card to the information desk on the day the patient leaves from the hospital. (Please wait until the patient is discharged to do so.)
  4. 4) Do not give this card to anyone else.
■ Visitor Card ■
  1. 1) Visiting Hours: 10:00-19:00
  2. 2) Only one-day passes are available.
  3. 3) After visiting the patient, please return the card to information desk.

How to get IC Card

  1. 1 .Visitors must register at the Nurse station and get a Supporter card at the information desk.
  2. 2 .A person who wants to visit a patient should go to the information desk and get a Visitor card.


  1. 1 .Don't lend it the IC Card to other persons. The IC Cards track persons entering and exiting areas for security reasons.
  2. 2 .We reuse IC Cards for conservation of resources. After visiting a patient, or on the day of discharge, please return the IC Card to the information desk on the ground floor of K-tower.
  3. 3 .If you forget to return it, please bring it to the hospital within one week or send it by mail.
■ Address to send the card to: ■
TO: Information Desk
Address: Kameda Medical Center
929 Higashi-cho Kamogawa City, Chiba, 296-8602, Japan
Phone: +81-4-7092-2211
Extension: 7100 (Japanese only)
*The International Office's Extension: 3014 (English)

Visiting at night

When you visit patients in the evening, please use the entrance of the Disaster Prevention Center. The other entrances to K-tower are closed from 19:30 at night to 6:00 in the morning for patient's safety. Thank you.
Please cooperate with us.

*When you get the IC Card at the information desk, staff will let you know where the entrance is for after-hours visits.