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Ningen Dock

For more information about Ningen Dock (Kameda's Comprehensive Health Appraisal program), please read the following.

In Japan, increases have been seen in cancer and other chronic disease incident rates, such as life-style related diseases and metabolic syndromes. Because of this, in 1983, Kameda opened the Health Appraisal Center. Using state-of-the-art medical equipment and diagnosis techniques, the Ningen Dock, or “Human Dry Dock” has allowed for the successful detection of many diseases while in early stages of development. This early detection has allowed for quicker response to disease.

There are two Ningen Dock programs at Kameda, one of which is a one-day course, and the other, a two-day course. Depending on your selection of a one- or two-day course, different diagnostic and procedural options are available.
If you choose the two-day course, our staff will prepare a comfortable private or twin bed room for you on the 6th floor of Kameda Clinic.

To the persons who would like to have the complete medical checkup (Ningen Dock)

In Japan, there is no coverage for Ningen Dock, so please ask your private insurance if this service is covered.

*In the case of Ningen Dock, all person have to bear the full expenses.
*Japan health insurance does not cover the health check (Ningen Dock) and the over night stay fee.

Examination Schedule

Examination List

Consultation with Doctor


1) Urine sampling / Blood sampling

2) Blood pressure

3) Pap-test (cervical cancer screening)*

4) Eyesight / Eye pressure / Retinal examination

5) Electrocardiogram

6) Hearing acuity test

7) Body mass measurement

8) Lung function test

9) Consultation of Internal medicine physician

10) X-ray of the chest


12)Abdominal ultrasonography

13)Uppergastrointestinal study


Result Explanation and Consult
For those who will schedule the colonoscopy for another day:
Second day Examination List

Drinking a liquid for the bowel preparation*

Optional Examination

Consultation with Doctor


Bed rest


Pet-CT examination

Bed rest

Visit Cashier for Payment
*Please note: Colonoscopy and Endoscopy procedures cannot be preformed on the same day because this may result in discomfort and other complications. If you choose to have a barium exam preformed instead of an endoscopic procedure, the colonoscopy cannot be done within 10 days. This wait is required because it takes the body approximately 10 days to fully eliminate the radioactive material used during the barium exam.
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