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Two-day Ningen Dock

Examination Schedule

First day

Consultation with Doctor


1) Urine sampling / Blood sampling

2) Blood pressure

3) Pap-test (cervical cancer screening) *

4) Carbohydrate tolerance test

5) Eyesight / Eye pressure / Retinal examination

6) Electrocardiogram

7) Hearing acuity test

8) Body mass measurement

9) Lung function test

10) Consultation with doctor of Internal medicine

11) One hour result (Urine & blood sampling)

12) Two-hour result (Urine & blood sampling)

Drinking a liquid for thebowel preparation *

13) Colonoscopy *

14) X-ray of the chest

15) Examination for Osteoporosis *


Mammogram *

Thyroid examination *

Prostate exam
Second dayth
Blood pressure

Prostate exam

Abdominal ultrasonography

Upper gastrointestinal study


Explanation of the result
Option Examination

Consultation with Doctor


Bed rest


Pet-CT examination

Bed rest

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*Please note: Colonoscopy and Endoscopy procedures cannot be preformed on the same day because this may result in discomfort and other complications. If you choose to have a barium exam preformed instead of an endoscopic procedure, the colonoscopy cannot be done within 10 days. This wait is required because it takes the body approximately 10 days to fully eliminate the radioactive material used during the barium exam.
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